Below is an overview of projects in which I've participated. For each project, I've added a few links which provide more info.

Symeta, a member of Colruyt Group, is a state of the art printing company which specializes in digital and variable data printing as well as mailing. To optimize the performance of the business processes and to focus on added value in each process, they launched a number of projects:

  • To improve warehouse management, logistics and procurement by implementing process modifications such as introducing a 2 bin flow, cross docking and just in time deliveries, determine the standard warehouse assortment and its optimal stock and order quantity, optimizing SSCC management, ...
  • To optimize production workflows and to achieve operational excellence by determining production categories, redesigning processes to reduce waste and to obtain a more consistent level of quality, setting up process indicators to monitor operations, ...

As a member of the process & quality team, my task was to:

  • Get a better overview of the as is process by modeling business processes and documenting working methods
  • Identify bottlenecks and determine - together with stakeholders - solutions to these bottlenecks to reduce waste
  • Define the to be process and implement the process change in business
  • Determining performance indicators such as takt time, throughput, ...


During several projects in industries such as printing & mailing, design & marketing, application development, meat processing, ... I was occupied with the requirements analysis, design & testing of reporting about indicators for operations, quality management, costing, ... By setting up the necessary reports, the company was able to monitor the performance of the processes. Below are some examples of reports I've created in the past for various industries:

  • Quality management: Scrap ratio, cost of non-quality, customer satisfaction, ...
  • Design & marketing: Estimated cost vs actual cost for each department such as design, copywriting, photo studio, video, web, ...
  • Printing & mailing: Takt time, throughput, overall equipment effectiveness, delivery on time in full, ...
  • Meat processing: Production efficiency for both converging and diverging production processes

The key aspect in generating these reports was determining the indicators which actually mattered and for which data was easily available. Next to that, I also made sure the data was graspable by representing the data in a visual way and comparing it to predefined targets. Finally, these reports offered the possibility to drill down on data so more details could be obtained.

Colruyt Group Symeta

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